We are excited to announce that Kelly Grago has joined the AMTA team in an administrative capacity, as Office Manager of AMTA New York, assisting New York Principal Christie Miller.

Kelly was a student of ours in New York from 2016 – 2018 and throughout her time training with us she showed herself to be a self starter, organised, smart and a real positive influence.   These are exactly the things we look for in people we work with, so we asked her to come and join the team, and thankfully she said yes!

Of course this doesn’t mean that her aspirations to perform are over…. Like many of the people we have on our team of contractors, she is out there auditioning for roles, and in fact has been cast in a comedy show coming up in October in Manhattan.

As a student, Kelly has already participated in some pretty awesome adventures with AMTA – she’s helped us out with our Canadian Summer Camp in Nova Scotia twice, and been to China twice to do workshops there as well.  It’s great to have Kelly as constant here at AMTA and she’s already been a great boost to the New York school.