AMTA principal Kenneth Avery-Clark interviewed New York Casting Director Alison Franck (who will be guest faculty at AMTA New York in September 2016) yesterday in Manhattan and here is a brief synopsis of what she had to say:

Q: If you could give one message to someone who wants to embark on a career as an actor in this industry what would it be?

A: Believe in yourself and don’t compare yourself to others. It’s about you and no one else. You can’t have someone else’s’ talent, only your own. This is not to say that believing in yourself is enough. Work hard and always be prepared.

Q: You do a lot of open calls in New York. How many actors do you expect to attend?

A: It depends on the job. If it’s one that everyone wants then we can expect upwards of 700 people. We obviously can’t see everyone so we are then forced to do a ‘typing’.

Q: We don’t do ‘typing’ in London. Can you explain that process?

A: We line up all those who are left to see and one by one we send home those who we don’t think look the part – then we will audition who is left over. However, I hate this as for some shows we could take many different types. But we can’t see everyone and it’s the only way to narrow down the numbers.

Q: What is your biggest pet peeve when auditioning?

A: People who are unprepared. You can immediately tell the ones who didn’t do the work.

Check back for the live interview coming soon!

Kenneth Avery-Clark