If you’re considering a musical theatre course, you may want to be sure before you leap right in. Getting the bug is a good sign – but how do you know you’ve gotten it?

Musical theatre dates back centuries and it continues to grow in popularity till this day. It seems that some people cannot get enough of the next big show, and major productions are attracting some of the biggest names in show business. But how do you know you’ve been bitten by the musical theatre bug yourself? Detailed here are five of the most common signs.

  1. Passion for Musical Theatre

One clear sign that you are smitten with the musical theatre bug is you are always looking out for the newest production. You’re the first person to find out when the newest shows are on, and you’re one of the first online or in the queue to get your tickets for the next big show.

  1. Watching Classic Music Theatre

For some, watching a new production just isn’t enough.  Passionate theatre fans are so consumed with their passion for the theatre that they find every opportunity possible to watch classic music theatre. If you can’t get enough of musical theatre, you probably have a vast library of classic productions such as the Phantom of the Opera, Showboat, Les Mis and Oklahoma! in your collection just so you won’t have to go too long without seeing a musical.

  1. You can’t get Enough of the Music

Musical theatre has given us some classic songs. Whether it is “You’ll never walk Alone” from Carousel, “Music of the Night” from the Phantom of the Opera or “I dreamed a Dream” from Les Mis, every note of these songs will always be ingrained in you. Another true sign of your passion for musical theatre is that you also know every word to all of the songs – and you play them as often as you can.

  1. Memorabilia

To go with your passion for watching music theatre, it is likely that you have also accumulated a huge amount of memorabilia relating to your favourite shows. As well as your vast collection of DVDs and soundtracks, you’ll also have numerous  theatre programmes, T-shirts, mugs, songbooks and sheet music for every production you have ever been to, and you’ve probably got some backing tracks to sing along to as well.

  1. Want to do Musical Theatre Courses?

Soon, just watching musical theatre isn’t enough anymore. You start considering appearing on the stage yourself and taking part in one of the many music theatre courses. These courses are becoming increasingly popular, and this is probably due to the sheer amount of reality shows like the X factor and The Voice, which have helped to make people more aware of the songs from musical theatre.

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