Auditions are the acting equivalent of exams.  Some people take them in their stride, while others find them a test of nerve as much as a test of skill.  The reality is that they are a fact of life for performers which is why reputable musical theater classes do everything possible to prepare their students for them.  On that note, here are our 7 tips for a great theater audition.


CBC06A Broadway sign and red stop light in New York City at night

CBC06A Broadway sign and red stop light in New York City at night

  1. Cover the practicalities in your Musical Theater Classes

Make absolutely sure that you know exactly where you’re going (casting suites can and do have similar names).  Double-check that you know how to get there – door to door, rather than just to the nearest transport stop.

  1. Be prepared for nerves to strike

Even if you’re someone who usually takes auditions in their stride, have a plan in place in case you do need to give yourself a boost.  This may mean having your favorite music handy, bringing an invigorating scent or using a mantra to focus and (re)build your confidence.  Stay away from “comfort foods” particularly chocolate as these can cause issues with your voice.  Likewise stick to water rather than coffee, tea or fizzy drinks (and avoid alcohol completely).  If you absolutely must have a cigarette to calm your nerves then make sure you take mints and body spray or deodorant with you (or buy some).  Get rid of the smell as quickly as you possibly can.

  1. Dress to impress

On the one hand, you’re probably going to need to move and you’ll certainly need to breathe (particularly if you’re singing) so clothing needs to be comfortable.  On the other hand, people, including casting directors, do judge by appearances so make sure that when they look at you they like what they see.  Stay away from clothing with slogans or obvious brands.  First of all, you want to avoid touching any nerves and secondly you want the casting director to remember you, not your favorite brand or designer.  Jewelry is generally best avoided for practical reasons, but if you want to wear it make sure you can move absolutely freely without any fear of it falling out or getting in your way at all.

  1. Be nice to everyone you meet at the casting studio

Being nice to people is good advice in general and it’s particularly true at auditions.  Anyone you meet could be asked for an opinion on you, make sure it’s a good one.

  1. Learn everything you can about the production and the people behind it

If you have an agent, they should be your starting point.  Ask around anyone you know who could feasibly give you any useful information.  Head to the internet and do some thorough searching.  Remember the old saying “Those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail”.

  1. Be honest but stay positive

In other words, tell the truth and nothing but the truth but remember that the whole truth can be too much information.  In particular if you have negative thoughts about any individual or production, even if you think they’re completely unconnected to your current audition, keep them to yourself.

  1. Walk tall, stand proud and smile

You have to show that you believe in yourself if you want anyone else to believe in you.  If you have attended quality musical theater classes in NYC then you have a solid foundation for a career in musical theater.  Go out and give it your best shot each and every time.  Yes, sometimes you’ll miss, but if you try hard enough and often enough sooner or later you will succeed.

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