In this article I will outline five of the very best tips with regards to choosing the right performing arts college in New York. Though it can seem like a tough decision, our course offers all you need to succeed in the world of performing arts.

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Do not Settle for the First Performing Arts College you See

So many soon-to-be students fall through the doors of the first performing arts college in New York that is open to them. Well – take a deep breath, there is a lot to consider before diving straight in. There are seventy three fantastic performing arts colleges available to choose from, each with different courses, different tuition fees, different claims to fame and different effects on the lives of their students. Firstly, you need to know who you are – what you are most passionate about, what direction you wish to go in and then you need to find which college is best accommodated to you your ambitions and character.

Apply to Every College you could see yourself Going to

You need to make sure that you send your applications in early and you definitely need to apply to every college you feel you would benefit from attending. You need a safety net, you are not guaranteed entry to anywhere, the more options you have the better! Do not forget that after sending your applications in, you will most likely have to then blow them away at an audition – again another reason why a safety net is important, not only must your application be accepted but you need to pass another big test.

Be Prepared

Ok so your applications are off – get prepared for the auditions immediately. By this I mean read up on the best ways to deal with auditions, find information about the types of auditions your colleges typically hold and the second you get an invite to audition for a particular role, research it, practise it and own it. Not trying to put extra pressure on you here but you will only get one shot at the audition and if it really is your dream college – you do not want to let it slip out of your hands so easily!

Be one Step Ahead of the other Performing Arts Course Applicants

You know what performing arts college in New York you desperately want to attend – do not simply send off your application and wait for the results with your fingers crossed. It is time to become obsessive. Attend open-days, research the college, know it’s ins and outs, it’s pros and cons! Be sure you will breeze through any interview at any time, network with people that already attend the college – knowledge really is key here. Not only that but networking with current students may help you further grasp what it will be like to attend the college, it could even change your mind and help direct you back to the right choice.


Obviously these are stressful times, you might be feeling the weight of the decision at hand. Just remember that there are millions of people around the world in the same boat as you, it’s ok to be nervous and excited but make sure you do your best to relax and unwind! The more relaxed you are for your interviews and auditions – the more success you will have, it’s as simple as that. Break a leg!

These five tips will help you get a better idea of the right performing arts college in New York for you and help you choose. Why not contact Theamta for details if you’re interested in performing arts?