Start by creating a strategy for your content. On YouTube every single minute, there are 300 hours of video uploaded. Rising above the noise takes more than just good intentions and a great idea. You must plan.

Avoiding burn out can be difficult even when you have had success with a Web series or video in the past. Shape and refine your content strategy using these ten filters.

We asked Cormac Reynolds of Internet marketing consultant in London how to make more of YouTube and he has provided some tips below.


Video Marketing Tips for Actors


Make Truly Inspiring Videos – Video Marketing Tips for Actors

  • In order to retain your audience and make a lasting first impression, the quality of video, sound, and lighting must be high. Believe it or not, you can film your video on an iPhone, but you will need external audio equipment to get great results. Poor quality video won’t kill your project, but poor sound quality will.
  • Consider putting your vision and original ideas through the fundamentals of creative strategy provided by YouTube.
  • There are free workshops to hone your video production skills on YouTube Space. You can access these from anywhere in the world. Once your channel grows and has many followers, YouTube has a program to lend you some space where you can both edit and film your upcoming videos.
  • Your thumbnail needs to be custom-made. It is paramount for your success. Even though your audience can find your video in many different ways, including as a suggested video, as a search result, or from an email, the thumbnail will be their first impression of your work. There are three thumbnail options provided by YouTube by default. However, it is best to make your own.
  • Use graphic design software to layer text with a screenshot grabbed from the original video. A great resource for this is Select 1920 x 1080 as your custom dimensions.
  • A typical member of the YouTube audience is likely to be young and the thumbnails are small. Because of this, consider using humor in your meme-like headline. You can engage your targeted audience with your content once you have caught their interest with your headline and grabbed their attention with the thumbnail.
  • Start by writing an attention grabbing headline. Draw your audience in with strong language and the right key words. Your headline should act as a magnet for an audience seeking what you have to offer, not just as a way to grab attention. Make sure that the headline is a true reflection of the content in the video.
  • You must include meta data if you want your channel and videos to be found on the web. Include a description of each video you post. To make it easier for people to find you, include a link in the first few sentences to your website. Google will help you find your audience when you use the right keywords for the video in the keywords or meta data section.
  • Like Facebook, Instagram, and Periscope, YouTube has its own core audience and set of best practices. Each of these platforms are terrific for creative artists such as comedians and actors. However, YouTube has special benefits for actors because you can host interviews, performance clips, demo reels, video blogs, and even a Web series on your channel.

Do you have a YouTube channel that is your absolute favorite? We’d love to hear about it in the comments. We hope you enjoyed our video marketing tips for actors.

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