Petra Siniawski is the UK Associate Director of WICKED. She has been responsible for overseeing the casting of both the WEST END and TOURING “WICKED” productions. She has worked with AMTA Principal Kenneth Avery-Clark on two West End productions; RAGTIME and THE PRODUCERS. She has been Associate Director of WICKED in the West End for the past seven years.

She was at AMTA today working with our students on audition technique in general and of course was asked questions about the WICKED casting process.

She had a few general audition tips:

– Come into the audition room prepared and confident (don’t apologise).

– Don’t give tons of choices to the panel, just pick one and go with it. If they want to hear something else they will ask.

– Downfall for many actors is usually not the singing but the acting through song and connection to the material.

– The first round of auditions is often filled with new people or people they have not seen before, just to see who is out there. They may be ‘new to the scene’. It will be no longer than 5 minutes long.

– Don’t have attitude in the audition room, ever!

– If you are recalled and are given script to learn and you have only had it for a day or two it is fine to ask the panel to use the script. If you have had it for a week then they expect it to be off book.

– For a first round try to sing something that really shows off your voice as best you can. They need to get a sense of whether you can sing or not first and what your range is. Some character songs don’t show this and it just frustrates the panel as they then need to ask you to come back to sing something that shows more voice (unless they don’t have time or just don’t ask).

We will collect some more of her helpful hints from the students and blog later in the week.