Tips for Vocal Health on Audition day.  

1, Water loads of water! On the day of your audition you need to have 2 litres of water in your body 2 hours before you sing!  

2, Use a straw! Do all your usual Vocal warm-ups plus your songs focussing the sound through a straw. This is a great massage for the voice and you’ll notice a Freedom in Voice if you do this for Five minutes. 

 3, Do a gentle warm-up with humming (in the shower is great). Don’t over-sing before you get there! Check the notes are there once! Do a short 10 minute warm-up utilising some straw technique and remember to breathe!! Take your first breath through your nose to root your breathing and connect to your diaphragm….and relax. 

Be bold, be brave …be brilliant!


Vice-Principal AMTA (London, New York, Rome and Belfast)