Getting an audition and making sure you are the best you can be is so important. Here I have outlined some more tips on being prepared for your Musical Theatre Audition – these tips should definitely help you during this test:

Be honest with your potential employers

Now I know it is tempting to exaggerate your skill set especially if it’s a role you are desperate for however this really is a recipe for disaster. Claiming to be able to read sight music incredibly well or hit very high notes when singing(even if they believe you and do not catch you out), will not guarantee you a better chance of success but it will leave you massively vulnerable, potentially making you more nervous because of course, you could lose out on the part in a very humiliating way.


Tips for your Musical Theatre Audition

Pick the perfect song for your musical theatre audition.

Firstly, you need to have done some research on the show and it’s style/genre. If you nail the right song with the same feel and genre, then the director will be able to envision you fitting in well with the production. Secondly, you do not want to put all your eggs in one basket without realising – it’s highly unadvisable to go in to your audition and sing a character’s signature song as this will make it hard for them to picture you as another character – infact, if possible I recommend singing a song that is not even from the show. Picking a song that is not from the show allows for more variety in your choice and could leave you feeling more comfortable with the song while also leaving the director with plenty of space for imagination. Here are some tips from a casting director.

Finally, do not stretch yourself, you NEED to go in there with a song that you KNOW you can pull off no matter what the conditions are – desperately trying to wow them with a song that you are slightly incapable of pulling off will destroy your chances, even if you have pulled it off before, your nerves could alter your abilities slightly and ruin you. Be sure.

Have a fall back song

They’ve requested only one song? Bring another no matter what, another song that you can pull off successfully every time. It is so common for directors to ask for an auditionee to perform a second song that you need one there just in case – even if you highly doubt they will ask! Bring one anyway.

Be cool, be relaxed, be strong

You have prepared yourself for this audition, you cannot control many conditions of this experience except the songs you choose and the way you handle the pressure. Practise all the time, make sure you know you are going to pull of your song choices to the highest level of your ability, this will help you stay calm when the lights are on you. Here are some tips. 

While you are in the waiting room, your thoughts could well be racing, your adrenaline could be going and you could get a little worried – this is not guaranteed but many people will experience this. There are a range of breathing exercises and mini-meditations you can find all over the web that will help you stay calm and also help to still the mind.

These tips for your Musical Theatre Audition will help you get the part and ensure you keep a level head – use them.

Have fun and break a leg!