It has to be one of the most nerve-wracking experiences for an actor. The audition. Standing in front of the people who could make or break your career is enough to make anyone feel the heat. That is why we are here to help.

We have put together our top tips for finding your inspiration and acing that audition!

Inspire yourself with the musical

One big mistake that you can make when it comes to auditioning for a musical is not to know about it! If you are struggling with inspiration for your audition, then take the time to watch and listen to the musical. You will not only have it fresh in your mind but it might just give you the inspiration you need to perform beautifully in your audition.

Auditions Inspiration


Use your own emotions and experience for auditions inspiration

There are times when your audition will call for a touch of emotion. This isn’t always easy to find when you are feeling nothing but nerves! Take yourself to time when you were feeling the exact emotions that the character would and use them when you audition.

Not only will the judging panel be likely to feel your emotion but you will also have something else to concentrate on aside from your nerves!

See your goal and grab it 

Inspiration can sometimes come in the form of your own desire to win the part.

When it comes to an audition there is nothing wrong with a splash of confidence. Whilst it never pays to strut on stage and declare yourself their next big star, an air of confidence that you are right for them will rub off.

Tell yourself exactly why you deserve to get the part before you walk on stage and you will not only feel great but look like a pretty awesome choice to them too!

Read some auditions inspirational with quotes

Whilst it can see pretty cheesy at times, there are a number of inspirational quotes that may work for you prior to an audition. A great collection of some of these can be found here, where they have put together their favourite actor themed inspirational words to really give you that push to achieve your goals!

No matter how you find it, inspiration is the key to taking a mediocre audition into one that can secure you the exact role that you are looking for. Whether it is from words, music or perhaps just your own life experiences, with a little push you can achieve those dreams and perhaps become an inspiration for plenty of others who step onto the stage!