amta-5-of-71Some children have always wanted to get into the theatre, while others develop a love for musical theatre and shows with time.

We’re often asked what can a parent do to help their child get into a position where they can enjoy one of our fabulous musical theatre courses.

It’s very possible that a childhood love can spawn an adult career and encouraging your child to perform, act and dance can provide the building blocks for this long term outcome. Of course, there are other things that can also help and we’ve compiled a list of ten tips on how to help your child.

Starts at Home

Encouraging your child to participate in acting, singing and dancing classes regularly will help them achieve this long term goal.

Indulge them

Additionally, bringing them to musical theatre shows in London to see productions will also encourage them to take an interest and can be great for long term development.


Most primary and secondary schools have a show or productions that children can participate in. Alternatively, for those interested in musical theatre courses joining a choir or taking lessons to learn instruments can also be a of notable long term benefit. If they’re being used by little ones make sure they have instrument insurance.


Attending summer school theatre workshops at a London stage school or wherever is local can help gain exposure to a number of different sorts of theatrical disciplines. This allows them the chance to receive advice from top musical theatre coaches. It often will give them the chance to perform at a  top musical theatre course too.

Be Wary

Our advice is to do a lot of window shopping when choosing a theatre school for children. There are a variety of prospective schools out there offering different things. So, check through the course to ensure that it’s suited to the child’s needs.



Helping your child prepare for a class, ensuring they’re on time and that they are well groomed and versed will go a long way and provides them with the right preparation to make the most of their opportunity.

Work Hard to get onto a  Top Musical Theatre Course

Instilling a hard work ethic in children helps them stay focused, self-disciplined and ensures they are polite, passionate and are the best they can be.


Encourage children to be versatile and to be creative and show self-expression and to be accepting of constructive criticism.


Children can practice at home too, just as adults do. Taking time at home to work on your technique and developing your performance can help reap long term rewards.


Look after them by ensuring they get plenty of sleep, rest and water to sustain energy levels and stamina. A healthy body and mind is a must for any sort of learning and musical theatre courses are included in that.

Helping a child that loves the theatre to be the very best he or she can be is a wonderful thing. Additionally, when they are older they can take a musical theatre course like our fantastic ones at AMTA and perhaps enjoy a life time of working in musical theatre.