Costs vary greatly depending on where in London you decide to live but you must consider rent, bills, travel and food as your basic costs of living.

London City is split into Zones 1-9. Zone 1 is the centre of the city and most tube lines stop around Zone 6. If you want to live close to our studios in Old Street, which is Zone 1, then to share a flat with others will cost you around £700 including bills. If you decide to live further out, then rent and bills can get cheaper but travel costs will be more expensive.

You will also have to pay your utilities (water, gas, electricity), paid directly to the borough your house falls under and also internet and television license if you choose to have these. These should cost between £75 and £150 per month. This excludes travel costs. Full-time students are exempt from council tax, we can provide student status letters if you need to prove this.