AMTA Principal, Kenneth Avery-Clark and Operations Manager, Gary Wood at a demonstration day at the Shanghai Science Museum with the AMTA China team.


After 2 years of feasibility studies and several trial musical theatre camps for kids, AMTA announces they are underway with the building of their new studios located in Shanghai. The new company will be a partnership between Erin Peng of Universal Minds (China) and Kenneth Avery-Clark and Christie Miller of AMTA.

Musical Theatre has already taken off in Japan and South Korea and although Hong Kong has long had a musical theatre presence, the rest of China is an emerging market. They are not yet a producing nation but productions tour throughout the country. These productions inspire young people to get involved with singing, dancing, and acting. AMTA’s aim is to be a front-runner in musical theatre training for children up to the age of 18, giving youth a foundation in an industry that is only going to grow.

AMTA has full-time academies in London, New York, Rome, and Belfast and has to date not ventured into teaching children. Co-Founder of AMTA Kenneth Avery-Clark says, ‘The aim is to eventually transition into full-time training programs but the foundation has to be laid first. This is a new industry for China and we have a lot of educating to do before that happens.’

Parents recognise the benefits of musical theatre training, including confidence-building, fitness, reading and learning English. ‘Some of our research found that students preparing for top Western Universities have the grades to get in but struggle at the interview stage’ says Avery-Clark. ‘Parents now realise that regardless of the path their children take, showing their personality and having a good grasp of the English language with a confident demeanor could largely contribute to their success going forward’.

Chuck Homewood, a Canadian Musical Director, will relocate to Shanghai to head up the program. AMTA also intends to mentor local people to help teach the programs (and to translate where necessary) but to also send tutors throughout the year from London and New York.