All good London acting schools understand the issues with stage fright. Stage fright for a performer can be a quite shocking thing. However, it’s worth recognising that it’s not just amateurs that get it, even the very best on Broadway do too.

Stage fright can make a person feel nervous, shaky and cam really make you panic about your performance. However. It can also be quite easy to overcome and there are a number of things that you can do before going on stage that will help you relax and get your focus back to perform.

Learn How to Avoid Stage Fright with our London Acting Schools Courses at AMTA

These are some of the important things that you will learn from our London acting schools courses that will make a difference to how you feel, are and perform during an audition or a show. For musical theatre classes, London based AMTA, are experts in all facets of musical theatre.


The Body

Your body can panic your mind and removing tension from the body can help the mind relax. Before you go on stage there are a number of things you can do to ease tension and relax before the performance:

  • Stretch your arms, back, legs and anywhere else you can to relieve tension from muscles.
  • Humming can help steady your vocal chords and in doing so your speaking voice
  • A banana can be a good food to eat before going on stage as it will help settle your stomach and also won’t fill you up.
  • Gum also is great for tension relief

Meditation Helps

Meditation is one of the best ways to silence the mind and stop those racing thoughts taking over. Taking 15 minutes out the morning of the audition or show to meditate can really help relax your body and your mind and get you in the right frame of mind. Meditation is relatively easy to learn and can pay dividends with repeat use so our tip is to try it.

Avoid Coffee and Caffeine

Yes, it helps perk you up, but if you’re a nervous person or performer then it might not be the very best thing to drink before a show. Most London acting schools would advise you to avoid caffeine of all sorts if you’re a jittery performer.


Exercise Earlier

Exercise is also a great way to prevent anxiety as it releases endorphins and gets your body going. Performing a little exercise the day before and also the day of the performance or audition can really help you and get your body in the mood for a great performance.

Get Funny

Laughter is the best medicine – well that’s what they say. Spending some time before you go to your show listening or watching something that you find funny will make you a happier and also more relaxed person and also take your mind off the nervousness and get you in the right mood.

Arrive at your Audition Early

Get there early to ensure that you are well prepared for your show. All Acting schools in London will advise you to do this as it will allow you to settle in and ease your nerves, as well as helps you avoid feeling rushed.

Imagine a Friend

Imagining a friend or family member is in the audience can be also a great way to get you in the right mood and relax you. By focusing on a family member or a friend you know you have someone who will approve of you and for many people this acts as relaxing. This person will laugh at the right time and also clap to encourage you.

Juice Up

Properties in citrus juice lower blood pressure for a limited period – have some an hour before you take to the stage.

Recite a song

Reciting a song allows you control over your voice and your rhythm and can be a great way to keep calm before taking to the stage and allow you deliver your performance with more comfort.

These are some very valuable tips for easing tension and stress before a performance. Next week, we’re going to create a piece about overcoming stage fright on-stage.

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