Self-doubt can be nasty when you’re an actor. When going for an audition, all sorts of questions can come to the fore.

Any job where you have to stand in front of strangers and show yourself to be the best, while pouring your heart out can lead even the most confident to question themselves. Placing your vulnerabilities out there at musical theatre auditions for all to see can create worries and doubt. So, how do you avoid it being the case? Well, here are some tips to prevent insecurity at musical theatre auditions:

Get Physical at Musical Theatre Auditions

How to Conquer Self Doubt at musical theatre auditionsGetting out of your mind and away from the worries and into your body can make the whole process of an audition or acting a lot easier. Closing your eyes for a moment, scanning your body from top to bottom and ensuring your body is loose and comfortable helps a lot. It’s also worth staying hydrated and having plenty of water before you start. This will help you too.

Nervous Energy

Grounding your body before you do anything can make you a lot less nervous and a lot more focused on the task ahead. The best way to do this is to stand with your feet hip distance apart, bending your knees, and rock back and forward on your feet – heel to toe – a few times. After you do this, then just settle in the centre and press your feet onto the ground. Then stand up straight and take three or four deep breaths. Think about the air flowing through you and into your body. Do this a few times and you have a solid foundation.

Comparison with Others

People always compare themselves to others in theatre, however if you do so try to do it in a positive rather than a negative light. Turning a comparison into a complement shifts what may be a negative to a positive. Complementing people about their best attributes stops you comparing and also makes both of you feel better about yourselves. The fact is, it stops you focusing on an area of self-doubt quietly and allows you to vocalise and get it out there.

These three tips should help with confidence issues and help conquer self-doubt, allowing you to focus more so on the musical theatre auditions and achieve the outcome you want.