Auditioning for a stage school in London is an exciting and also nerve wrecking experience. After all, starting a new drama school can be a major moment in your life and something that can define your years to come.

As the scouts would have say, “fail to prepare; prepare to fail!” and the same is very true for drama school. So, here are some tips for auditioning for musical theatre schools in the UK.

Don’t Jump In

Auditions require the actor to create a world and in a lot of cases people tend to just leap in, without distancing themselves from the audience.

Taking some time to create a little distance between the audiences and build a world around you. This distance allows you to invite the audience along and is more believable to them and means they are more likely to be engrossed and likely to come with you.

Stage Schools in London: Remember it’s a Show

Remember that the couple of minutes you have to show them what you have should allow you to express a wide variety of your talent. One of the best ways to ensure that you can do this is to think of it as a short play. This makes it easier for you to create a pace or a mood and showcase the broadness of your abilities. Even though it’s only a short period of time, it should take the people at the musical theatre schools in the UK on a journey.


London stage schools are no different to others in that the character matters a lot for those acting and this involves the utmost preparation. Bringing the world and the individual in the piece of theatre to the audience or the people auditioning you matters a lot. This means preparing and knowing who you are, where you’ve been, what’s happened so far, who you’re talking to among other things. This will help set you in the right mood and allow you to behave appropriately.


The aforementioned requires focus and this concentration and you need to stay the line to connect with the audience. This means:

  • Not wondering if the panel likes you or not
  • Worrying about how they will judge you – it’s of no benefit
  • Do your best – remember you’re here to show the best you can be
  • Remember nerves are a positive thing and if channelled can work for you.


The hardest part of a monologue or singing a song alone is often the beginning. The best way to begin aptly is to go over what came before and then channel what’s prompting your character to speak or sing. Cause and effect impact on the way we deliver things and understanding the reason or cause for the character to begin speaking allows you to express yourself in the most apt manner. This will ensure you have a strong start.

Remember the other person

If there is another person in your piece then be sure to consider them, your reaction to them and get used to including them in your piece.

Just as you started strong, you should also make sure and end well. Don’t disengage from the character until a couple of moments after the monologue or song is over. This end moment allows you to stay in the character and create a strong finish and lasting impression.

Remember, that judges judge you and even if you didn’t think you did well, they may do. Remember, remove yourself from the burden of self-judgement and wait their comments.

If you want help or are interested in attending a stage school in London – then contact us – we’d be delighted to provide you with info.