From AMTA Principal Kenneth Avery-Clark

I am often asked this. You might guess that it all comes down to how much talent you have. Well, you’re right but that’s not all. This business is so competitive that it’s not enough just to be talented. I am looking for something special – a uniqueness that with the proper training will make you stand out above the crowd.

Bland people who hide in the background don’t go far. But equally coming into the audition room and practically jumping onto the panel’s table doesn’t work. You have to find that balance. We want students who are fighters so you want to show that side of you if possible.

Our programs at AMTA are short (1 and 2 years). We don’t have the time to bring you out of your shell unfortunately. That work needs to be done before you come to us.

What is confidence?

I hear a lot of people say ‘I wish I had more confidence’. Well, how do you get more confidence? You can’t buy it, and no school can give it to you. Confidence comes from knowledge and experience. Simple. The more you do something the more confident you become. Don’t get hung up dwelling on the fact you lack it, just go do it and the rest will come.

Cookie cutter graduates!

One of things we pride ourselves in is not trying to fit every student to one mould. There is a place for all shapes and sizes in this business, for all ethnic backgrounds and abilities. So why would we want all our students to be similar. Agents turn people down all the time because they already have that type on the books. They are looking for something they don’t already have. So individuality helps greatly.

So, make an effort, show up on time, come prepared and then show us what you got!