AMTA takes pride in offering support and pastoral care to its students before, during and after they train. But, what about keeping students’ skills fresh once they’ve graduated?
Being motivated to keep on top of their skills after they’ve left can be daunting AND expensive. So, Principal and Co-founder Kenneth Avery-Clark has come up with the answer. Free training after graduating.

“This business is hard to crack and can take time”, says Kenneth. “When you’re at AMTA all you need to do is show up and the path is clear. But what happens when you go from several dancing, singing and acting classes per week to NONE! What then? How do you motivate yourself to keep fit, vocally and physically, when you’re alone at home or working the day job whilst trying to attend auditions? I can imagine how tough that must be. So we have come up with a way to help”.

Beginning this Spring AMTA will run Repertoire classes so students can practice their audition songs with an accompanist and receive feedback, so when that all important audition springs up, they are fresh and confident. They will also offer dance classes to keep fit and stay on top of their technique. And best of all, it’s going to be free of charge.

The initiative will come into place at the London campus in Spring, and if successful, will be rolled out to other locations come Autumn.

“Too often drama schools spit their students out at the end of the process and whether they swim or drown isn’t their problem anymore”, says Kenneth. “Well, we want our students – ALL of our students – to be successful and if we can help in that success even after they’ve left us then that is in keeping with our ethos; to provide the best musical theatre training available ANYWHERE in the world. Students pay enough to attend drama schools in London, not to mention the high costs of living here, so if we can help them during and after, surely it will pay off in the long run”.

AMTA is now auditioning for their full-time courses in London, New York, Rome and Belfast.