The world we live in is dominated by technology and more specifically websites, social media and online networking.

For rising talents, this factor makes for an opportunity and also an issue. Ensuring you make the most of your online presence is very important for an up and coming actor and could be the thing that gets you noticed. Simply, the more channels you’re on and the more loved these channels are, the more chance you have of being found and getting to showcase your talents.

So, we thought we’d compile some tips on the best ways to create a better online presence and improve your visibility.

social_listening-service-e1373636354824Website for Actors

Get a website! Half a decade ago a website and address was a time consuming, tech heavy and costly business venture. Nowadays you can set one up for a few pounds. The likes of WordPress make setting up a site quite simple and this means you can showcase a portfolio of your work quite easily.

The modern site is extremely user friendly and no harder to update or care for than your Facebook or Twitter page – which brings us to the next thing.

Social Media for Actors

Setting up a social media presence is important too. Social media is the front page of our time and ensuring you have a presence is extremely important. Twitter and Facebook are the two obvious choices, however there are so many more out there.

From Instagram with it’s amazing ability to filter and alter pictures to live video streaming social media site Periscope – there’s a whole range of opportunity out there to make yourself felt online and make the most of these great tools at your disposal. So, our advice is that you look around, do some research and see how these different social media tools can help you.

SEO for Actors

Improving your online presence can be a great way to get more from your site and ensure people see you and your website. Search engine optimisation allows you to shape the Google search results and take control of where people see you. It’s a mixture of content like blogs and videos and also services such as link building – both of which impact on visibility and help you get seen.

Video for Actors

Cameras are everywhere nowadays – on your phone, in your portable camera and on your PC. Video is so important for an actor as it showcases so much more than a still does. Learning how to make the most of video, understanding how to do some simple editing and also how to make the most of sites such as YouTube and Vimeo can be very beneficial. Additionally, this sort of media is very shareable and works as great content for your website or your social media presence. So, learn how to make more of video and reap the rewards.

Understanding how to utilise social media, websites and online video is so important as it allows you to shape your reputation. These tools are easy to edit, make it easy to showcase what you wish to showcase and can be the difference between success and failure.

They allow you to create the first impression that you want to create and by doing so impress the people that you wish to impress.

So, our advice at American Academy is to get going on this now and work on building the dream online presence.

Why not contact us and we’ll be happy to advise.