Some actors love the whole experience before a performance and for others it can be a torrid time. We’re all different and the way our nerves act is different still. However, knowing yourself and how you react to certain circumstances allows you prepare for them and also deal with them.

Staying calm allows you to keep a clear mind, helps your train of thought and in turn helps you to deliver a great performance. So, here are some tips on how to stay relaxed before a big acting moment or occasion.


Recognise why you’re in the Show

The reason you have this moment is because you deserve it and are the most suitable for the position. If they didn’t think you were ideal for the role then they wouldn’t be offering you or have offered you the part.

Breathing Exercises

A lot of people find that learning breathing exercises helps them before a big occasion – so our advice is to spend some time performing them earlier in the day to help calm things down. Breathing exercises are easy to learn and there are a number of great apps available on the web that will teach you how to do them and to stay relaxed.


Exercise is one of the great stress relievers in life and one that a lot of us don’t tend to make the most of. Regular exercise releases dopamine and a number of other chemicals that help us stay positive and also reduces a lot of the stress hormones we feel. So, take regular exercise in the run up to the show and then also on the day of the show, do something to keep your mind occupied and reduce stress and overthinking. You’ll thank yourself later.

Arrive Early

Getting their early gives you the time to relax, take your time doing things and mentally prepare your body and mind for the occasion. If you arrive late, things can go wrong, you end up in a rush and flustered, which is potentially the worst possible thing you can do if you’re trying to stay on top of things.

Avoid your Smart Phone

Smart phones are great, but a lot of people spend time anxiously checking them and updating and it doesn’t do anything for a sense of calm. Try to avoid playing with it unless you need it.


Your posture and the way you stand or sit also has an impact on how you feel. Sitting and standing straight and breathing slowly will help keep you more relaxed. It also has the dual impact of making you look calmer and composed – which needless to say creates a good impression.

Think Positive

It is a little bit cliché but thinking happy and positive thoughts and pleasant things will make you feel positive and good. This can have a notably positive impact on putting you into a good mood and getting you in the mind to perform fantastically.

Staying calm and relaxed can help you feel great, perform well and succeed – follow these tips and you will go a long way to doing just that.