Studying abroad can offer students the experiences that are essential to building the global community of educated and enlightened individuals. It provides unique perspectives and insights into other cultures and histories promoting inner awareness and self-confidence. Here are a number of reasons to study musical theatre in London.

When it comes to cities in which to pursue an education abroad, few will offer the diversity of cultures and lifestyles that London can. Following are the top Seven Reasons to choose London as your academic destination.

Study Musical Theatre in London

  1. Perfect Spot to Launch Forays into Europe, around the UK and through London itself

Those with a passion for travel and adventure will find that London offers a strategic location from which to plan trips and excursions into Scotland and Ireland to the North or across the mainland of Europe — London is the Gateway to Europe.

But you will be pleased to find most of your greatest interests will be right in London itself, including the many tourist attractions like the London Eye, Tower Bridge, The Tower of London, Big Ben, to mention a few.

There are also many museums and cultural attractions exhibiting some of history’s most priceless productions in terms of art, ingenuity, etc. as well as the wonders and achievements that crown the pinnacle of humankind’s accomplishment.

  1. Electrifying Nightlife

With the tens of millions of London residents coupled with the several hundred thousand students that fill the night, there is never a dull moment in London. If you love to read, eat, play music, sports or party you are certain to find the right crowd for you here.

  1. Experience a Lifestyle like No Other

Someday after your education in London is a distant memory and you have had the opportunities to visit the major metropolitan areas of the world, you will find what many others have found –there is no city in the world like London. If you are looking to witness a spectacle that the world has never seen before nor will again, it’s happening in London right now.

  1. Theatre and the Arts – Inspiration for your Musical Theatre Course

London is the home of the most amazing theatre spectacles the world has known –most in the famous West End, London’s theatre district. There is a never ending spectrum of classic plays to contemporary avant-garde productions on display.

Then there are the Shakespeare Globe Theatre and National Theatre, the most celebrated theatres in the world, and a plethora of smaller theatres and companies offering underground productions and plays. If you are in the mood for the classics, you will certainly find your fill at the Royal Albert Hall and Royal Opera Houses.

  1. Diversity, Inspiration and Culture

London is a melting pot of people from the far corners of the globe and every nation in between. There is no better place on the planet to witness the interaction of cultures as all these people interact and engage each other on an academic, artistic, political or professional level.

This gives the city a unique brand of energy tangible in the air, as students from everywhere congregate here to enhance their minds, bodies and spirits.

  1. Shopping & fashion

Reserved not just for the ladies, London is the heart of fashion in the UK. Not only that, it is the outlet of many of the world’s biggest brand with a strong background for academic fashion lovers. For this reason alone, London attracts thousands of students who are interested in the art of fashion and clothing design, making it an active and vibrant environment to pursuit general shopping. If you are not a fan of the big brands, that’s fine because London is also home to many of the world’s best smaller start-up fashion brands.

  1. Food!

One of the most important things a human can do is…well…eat! There is no better place on earth to find culturally diverse food. When you live in London, every night can be a different cuisine, making it a slice of heaven for foodies and food junkies.

These seven reasons are ones that people enjoy studying musical theatre in London.