Monologues are often part and parcel of musical theatre auditions. However, not every one particularly loves the thought of reciting their favourite piece. So, here are some tips on how to master them from some of our staff.

Keep Monologues Short in Auditions for Theatre

You’ll probably be given a few minutes for your monologue, however it doesn’t mean that you have to fill it up completely. Some of the best monologues in theatre or musical theatre are quite short. So, with this in mind why not focus on nailing the shorter piece rather than having to worry about completing a longer one that may be more confusing.

Avoid Clichés in  Musical Theatre Auditions

Going with a monologue that’s on trend or one that’s been done to death isn’t a great idea on a number of levels. For example, by going for a monologue like this you can be sure the people there will be bored as it’s been done countless times before. It also creates a lot more competition for you instantly. Additionally, if your acting class learned a monologue together then ensure there is no one else from that class going to the audition that’s going to use it. You don’t want half of the people there using the same monologue.

Go Light

A lot of actors tend to really go for the negative, teary piece. Why not lighten things up by going for a more upbeat and good humoured piece. It’s sure to get people’s interest and lift their energy levels.

Details Matter at Auditions

If you are asked questions, try to showcase as much personality as possible. Remember, people tend to prefer to choose people they want to work with as well as those that are the best for the job. If you are the sort of person who is great for the role, but doesn’t show a lot of personality otherwise and is unmemorable you lower your chances of getting the place.

Focus on a Point

Choosing one point of focus in the room when doing a monologue, as if it were a person can help greatly. It prevents you from letting your eyes wander around and allows you to look more realistic when reciting your lines. So, pick a point to anchor your gaze and then deliver as appropriate. However, don’t make it one of the people judging your audition – make it an inanimate object.

Enjoy the Musical Theatre Audition

Remember, you want to get into acting because you love it. So, make sure to enjoy performing and show yourself to be more than fit for the acting or singing role you’re going for. Remember to entertain, express yourself and show yourself as the most apt person for the job.

Monologues can be a bit intimidating and it’s easy to understand why this is the case. However, by following these tips you can be sure that you improve, feel more confident and deliver a better and more enthralling monologue.