As any talented and dedicated actor knows, the path to becoming the best performer that one can be is very much a never ending journey. And, as every astute actor similarly knows, life within the entertainment realm can very often be a tough, demanding one, whether just starting out and facing a barrage of refusals, or having truly made it and working early mornings, long days and even longer nights treading the boards or playing a role within the next big movie to hit the silver screen. So with this in mind here we present seven essential tips to becoming both a better actor, as well as improving your approach to life.


  1. Never give up… No matter how long it takes to land that first role

The very first role that you land will, by the very nature of the business, be the hardest. After all your CV is decidedly professional role free. So take the No’s as a learning experience and always endeavour to gain constructive feedback.

  1. Become mindful of the moment

Becoming mindful of the moment and living in the current time is the most effective way in which to live, not just for actors but for all. So don’t worry about what is yet to happen, as it may never, and let go of what has already passed, as it cannot be changed. Hone in only on the now. And savour every moment.

  1. Listen deeply and go past the surface of words

Words, when taken within the context that they are set, provide for intent and feeling. So go beyond the simply typed words upon your script and open yourself up to being affected by the words – after all acting is simply a matter of listening, and then reacting.

  1. Embrace uncertainty and cherish the element of surprise

As a general life rule the embracing of uncertainty can provide for much, not least of which is the letting go of worries and concerns about what may happen tomorrow.

  1. Be patient

Patience is a virtue, and there is no realm or industry where this saying is truer than within the world of entertainment. So always remember, impatience is the mind-set that what you want won’t eventually come along. So believe in yourself.

  1. Don’t quit after a bad performance, poor week of shows or a scene that just isn’t forthcoming

Never be tempted to quit after a single performance or a similarly isolated series of events. There will inevitably be unavoidably disappointing times, and you should attempt to learn from each to become a better performer.

  1. Always seek help to get better, and never stop evolving and improving as a performer

Seeking the right help to improve as a performer is essential if you’re to be as successful as you possibly can be. And learning from the most experienced and gifted within the industry truly is integral to this process. So whether it’s through the medium of the internet or through one-to-one tuition (if you’re lucky enough!) embrace all that that acting veterans can provide.