With theatres around the world packing them in and shows such as Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera breaking all kinds of records for longevity and audiences its now the career choice of many and not something they drift into when their pop career comes to an abrupt end. Here are 7 reason why you should take a musical theatre course.

Vocal coaching

You will know if you can sing or not and if you can’t all the coaching in the world won’t get you on the stage. If you pass the audition you will know the school sees potential in you and further vocal coaching will teach you how to breathe properly, sing and dance at the same time and reach a wider vocal range than your realise you had.

musical theatre course

Finding your niche within musical theatre

No two productions are the same and you will soon discover which genre you are best at. Your tone and vocal range may be perfectly suited to contemporary musical theatre but may be completely at odds with a production that calls for operatic vocals. Once you know where you belong you will be able to hone those skills further.

Improving your movement on a theatre course

This isn’t just about learning to dance like a pro it covers the way you move around the stage. You need to almost glide around while singing at the same time and this can take some practice. Look at the major musical theatre stars and study how they move, its almost balletic.

Learning to act out a song

You need to act out songs in musical theatre not just sing the words. The audience must be mesmerised by your performance and feel every emotion you portray. If you are still doubtful check out the video of Anne Hathaway singing in the Les Miserables film, the way she acted her songs won her an Oscar.

Marketing yourself as a brand

This is the business side of musical theatre as you need to get yourself out there. Your agent can only do so much, you have to learn how to market yourself as well in the hope that you will reach the stage where producers think of you first when they are creating a role.

Discovering if a musical theatre course is really for you

Watching musical theatre is a million miles from performing in it and some people simply don’t make the transition. They aren’t cut out for the long hours, the multiple performances and singing the same songs over and over again. It has to be in your DNA really to be a successful musical theatre performer and if its not for you it’s best to find out now.

Valuable experience for your CV

When you start going for auditions casting directors will be looking for that musical theatre experience. It doesn’t matter if you have the best voice these people don’t have the time to train you in all the other aspects of a performance and need to know that you

If you’re looking to make more of yourself, push yourself to be the best you can be and to start your life in musical theatre on the right track then our musical theatre course could be just right for you. Contact us for details.