It’s one of the most oft quoted difficulties for those who are just beginning their journey into live performances and, it seems, that the question of just how you sing and dance at the same time is one that is universally frustrating with very few being a complete natural.

Tips from Musical Theatre Course Experts

So here we take a look at five top industry insider tips from our musical theatre university that will help you take to the stage with killer dance moves and completely controlled vocal notes each time, and every time.

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Become an Ace at Controlled Breathing

The number one rule for singing and dancing at the same time is to be become a complete ace at controlled breathing. This demands the practicing of frequent breathing exercises that are practised on, ideally, a daily basis. This will help train you in breathing from the diaphragm, rather than breathing too shallow (which then results in singing that becomes airy).

As any musical theatre university will tell you, what’s more you need to understand fully how your vocal cords and lungs work in order to fully appreciate the science that goes behind the very best of dancing and singing performances.

Always Focus Upon your Fitness Levels

Working at optimal lung capacity demands a complete commitment to your overall fitness levels… so work out, work out regularly and indulge in plenty of cardiovascular activity (such as running, aerobics and bike riding). Generally speaking you should at least be aiming for workout sessions at least three times a week.

Realise that many a live performance is actually mimed (but learn from those who are genuine)

It can be all too easy to become disillusioned with dancing and singing possibilities when you refer to artists who consistently mime their way through life. So forget, for the most part, about these acts. Mimed acts aren’t going to help you do well at a musical theatre university or on a musical theatre course

However, for those stars who are truly known for their energetic routines and 100%, completely live performances there is much to be learnt. So get to studying Beyoncé’s latest concert videos and draw upon Lady Gaga’s most inspiring of performances.

Practice, practice, practice!

The much used saying of practice makes perfect may never hold truer than when applied to the world of singing and dancing, so regularly practice your routines and, if you’re able, record them so that you can act as your own best critic for future improvements.

You should also begin your practice sessions with combining both singing and dancing together right from the off, as focusing upon one or the other initially may see you leaning your focuses one way or another when they are eventually put together.

Get expert feedback upon your performance

There’s nothing quite like a little expert guidance upon a routine to truly improve and to really understand the goals that you should be next aiming for in your quest for the perfect performance. What’s more you may want to focus upon routines that become increasingly more difficult as you progress, which is another way in which your expert can analyse just how you’re advancing.

These tips have been gathered from experts at a number of musical theatre universities and are here to help you with your work.

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