1. Let yourself sing, don’t MAKE yourself sing: Despite all the vocal practitioners out there who will give you the intricate details of what’s really going on with your voice, don’t overthink it! Singing is actually quite a natural thing. Inexperienced, untrained, people all over the world have been doing it for years.
    2. Open your mouth: If your mouth/jaw is tight the sound will be too!
    3. You can’t hide: Don’t spend your whole life trying to find the perfect song that doesn’t show the ‘cracks’. Sure, you might get through the first round of an audition with that ‘winner of a song’ but when you start to sing their material the ‘cracks’ will re-appear. Spend your time instead practicing to be more versatile and eliminating the ‘cracks’ all together.
    4. Breathing: It’s so simple, so why do so many people not do it right? Because they are not thinking about it. Think about it for a while and ‘tummy breathing’ will become natural.
    5. Posture: I’m going to sound old now but young people today have some of the worst posture I’ve ever seen. Sit up, stand up, chest out and you’re half-way there.

Kenneth Avery-Clark