The majority of actors within musical theatre will tell you that they just knew they would end up on stage. Whether it was from birth, from school or perhaps a little later on in life; every actor will remember a variety of signs that showed them that they were destined to dance and sign under the spotlight.

Here are the top 5 signs that you were born to be in musical theatre!


You were a competitive performer

Many actors will tell you that they were a touch competitive with their siblings as a child. This often is shown in those “plays” that you would put on together during rainy days spent indoors. Whether it was performing for mum, dad, grandparents or perhaps even the family dog; your costume would always be bigger and your dance moves on point when compared to your siblings!

You could never stop dancing

Musical theatre actors will often say that they could dance before they could walk. So if you spent most of your childhood spinning, jumping and tapping through life then there is a chance that these were the early signs that you were destined to be sashaying across a stage!

You love a touch of drama

No, we are not just talking about the lesson at school. Here we mean the actual drama of life. Often people who end up in musical theatre will say they spent most of their childhood over-reacting to every moment. Banged your arm on the corner of the table? Queue rolling around on the floor like you had broken it. Feeling a little hot and bothered on a sunny day; then for actors it is all about the dramatic fanning!

As actors these over-reactions were merely just us expressing our inner actor whilst for others they may have seemed a touch over the top!

You knew all the words..and dance moves……

One sign that musical theatre was going to be your bag is when you find yourself reciting the script, songs and dance moves from a musical without even realising it. No matter the show, if you not only love it but know it like the back of your hand then perhaps you should be performing it on stage rather than simply in the shower!

You are simply fabulous

Okay, so the last sign is one that every musical theatre actor should show. The ability to simply be fab at whatever you do. Even if it as simple as popping to the shop, we live every day as if it was a musical.

Just remember not to burst into song whilst waiting at the post office, you may end up scaring the old lady in front of you!

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