The world of theatre is an incredibly exciting one, where that initial position within a cast, even within a minor role, can serve up experiences and excitement untold. However for the theatre actor who’s taken numerous leads and truly made it within the industry, life can be particularly impressive and here we take a look at just what day to day life can be like for these lucky few within the industry.

  1. Travelling the Country and the World Beyond – Best Drama Schools UK

Theatre can take a company around the world and the very best of shows will be in-demand continuously (such as the classic Les Miserables shows, which has ongoing dates within 42 countries and features in over 21 languages). Of course with travelling comes culture, historical sites, experiences and plenty of fine cuisine.

Whilst touring lead actors of a show may likely have entire days to themselves, with even the odd day completely off so that they can explore all that whatever country they are in has to offer. Ensuring you have quality lodgings or an apartment for the long haul of a stay in a city is a necessity and many prefer serviced apartments over hotel rooms as they allow for plenty of room of your own and the chance to do your own thing. Whether on Broadway, the West End or anywhere in the world these options should be available. Portland Brown are one such serviced apartment business often used for these longer term stays of 3 months or more

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  1. Opportunities to become a mentor or advisor – Maybe in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and beyond!

Being a veteran of the industry means that your knowledge and input are both in demand and respected. This in itself can open up new opportunities to positions beyond the boards, such as mentoring the younger generations as they train for the industry, or moving into other areas such as production or directorship in Royal Academy of Dramatic Art or other amazing opportunities. Of course for the truly successful there’s always early retirement based upon a rather healthy bank balance, however few actors choose to leave an industry that they truly love and have dedicated their lives to.

  1. Taking good care of themselves and meeting sometimes super high insurance premiums

As a lead actor the success of an entire play schedule can depend upon you, and so it’s essential that in this position you take good care of yourself.

During show runs this can mean the avoidance of all alcohol, junk food and late nights and can instead require gym sessions, healthy food and super early bedtimes.

All of this, you would think, would mean that the likelihood of getting sick would be lessened and whilst this is true, this has no reflection upon the sky high insurance premiums that many an actor must meet.

  1. All of the trappings of the luxury lifestyle

Making it big within the theatre realm presents all of the luxuries and niceties of any incredibly well paid position. That said as anyone within the industry will know, reaching this stage takes dedication, early mornings and incredibly late nights.

  1. Rehearsals, readings and shows

Whilst there are many an advantage for the life of the theatre actor, there are also plenty of demands that balance this out. Of course reaching the top of the theatre industry requires consistent performances and the life of the actor never allows for anything less than complete dedication to rehearsals, readings and shows, which will likely demand 7 day working weeks and 15 hour working days.

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