Being a better actor and improving your acting skills can be done in a number of ways. Some very notable actors weren’t born with the ability to act and had to learn and hone their skills on courses or at musical theatre university to be as notable as they are.

There’s a number of ways and skills that you can focus on to learn how to be a better actor and we’re going to give you some ideas on how to improve and get those musical theatre auditions.

Musical Theatre University or School Course Tips

These are five of the most important things that you can improve in your own time and will stand to you when you get out and about.


The web is filled with monologues and all it takes is a simple search for you to find them. Searching for keywords like ‘popular monologues for men’ or ‘monologues from theatre’ should allow you to herald a number of great monologues that will help improve your acting efforts. These are the sorts of things you don’t learn on courses or at musical theatre university but have to do yourself.


Improving your singing is vital in the world of musical theatre and we’ve covered it in a number of recent blogs. Practice helps a musical theatre actor improve – so take a look at our previous blogs to get an idea on the sorts of exercises you should be performing


In a lot of acting, actors find it’s quite beneficial to write. Acting involves creativity and imagining what a character is going through and so too does writing. Many actors find writing helps them bring a richer and fuller character to the boards or the screen – so why not try some to see how it could benefit you these tips from an 11 plus tutors site could be a simple way to start.


Dancing skills are always a plus and allow you to offer a more versatile offering. Improving dancing skills takes practice and can require a lot of effort. However, a lot of people at higher levels tend to see it as something of benefit, so it might be well worth considering.


Needless to say being able to speak well, and clearly can be a huge positive. Elocution lessons can be a good way to improve on the way you speak. So many of us just need the slightest push in the right direction in this regard and it can make a notable difference in the way we’re perceived. There’s numerous classes and ways to improve elocution – here are some exercises you can follow.

Stage presence

Stage presence is such a large part of any form of acting. Getting people to notice you and learning how to draw people in can be learned, though may also come naturally. There are so many different ways to connect with an audience and get them to really pay attention to you and performance and see you for the talent you are. Here are some good tips on how to do just that. It’s very important and when all other things are equal could land you the role of your life.

We’re always very eager to help aspiring young musical theatre actors on the right road and these tips are just some of the things we’ll help you with at AMTA. If you’re interested in seeing what you could learn take a look at our site or get in contact with us.