Have you ever been unfortunate enough to fall victim to an ‘Energy Crash’ just before going in for an audition? If yes, then you can recollect how things were all normal in the morning but as you neared your audition your condition worsened drastically, suddenly making you tired and sluggish. A quick yet thorough look into your nutrition list must be given instantly. The food you take before an audition must be reviewed and corrected as soon as possible. Pre-audition food is thus an important aspect in every singer’s life.


Why is food so important for a singer?

It is not actually the food but specifically the choice of food that affects the singer’s professional life. Our voice is produced from an organ known as the Larynx, which is surrounded by the Thyroid glands. These thyroid glands share an inevitable relationship with our vocal cords. When you are performing, not only your voice but other systematic functions such as body temperature, heart rate, digestion and pulse needs to be in top-notch condition. Your thyroid glands contribute to enriching all these attributes thus enhancing your performance. Therefore boosting your thyroid might be an option you might want to reconsider. This is one of the major considerations concerning nutrition for singers.

What are the best foods for auditions?

As mentioned earlier, the food you take before going to an audition has extensive influence over your performance at the audition. A light yet well-balanced breakfast is a must on the morning of the audition. Skipping breakfast is not an option as it will only leave you dull, weak and fatigued. A list of five food items is being provided which can help you in getting the right nutrition required for a successful audition.

  1. Eggs:- Your Thyroid needs a steady supply of proteins to keep your body pumping. And what better supply of pure proteins than eggs? Eggs contain a surge of amino acids required by our thyroid glands to supply energy to the body including our vocal cords. The yolks of the eggs also act as a source of vitamins and minerals. Pasture-raised eggs, free of anti-biotic and hormones are of primary preference.
  2. Coconut Oil:- Coconut oil is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral. I like to refer to it as magic food because of its immense health benefits. It consists of medium chain triglycerides, which go directly into your liver to be metabolized as quick energy (unlike other fats). Coconut oil thus provides consistent energy by increasing your metabolism rate and enhancing your fat loss.
  3. Gelatin:- Known to be a superb source of protein, Gelatin has extensive benefits in improving digestion, decreasing joint-inflammation, reducing allergy symptoms and enhancing sleep. It is devoid of the inflammatory amino acids, which make it very helpful to your thyroid as it relieves you of inflamed cords before your audition.
  4. Fruits:- The most preferred source of energy to almost all our body cells including our brains is Glucose (sugar). Glucose also provides quick muscle energy that is extremely necessary before an audition in order to keep our brains and muscles in perfect working condition. Fruits, containing a version of glucose named fructose, are more favourable than bread or corn as they metabolize more evenly and consistently.
  5. Salt:- Salt is known to reduce our stress hormones to a large extent. And having a low level of stress before your audition is just the thing you want. My version of an ideal pre-audition breakfast would be a couple of pasture-raised eggs cooked in coconut oil with salt and fresh fruits.

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