By AMTA Vice Principal, Mark Goldthorp.

These are the songs I have in my folder….they might work for you too.

Full-Voiced Legitimate Song:

This is a song that really shows off your full voice and full range. It is much more about the singing of the line of the song. Of course, your acting needs to connect to the material just as much but this would be a song that would be ideal for a Les Mis, Miss Saigon type show.

Story-telling Ballad:

This is a song that doesn’t necessarily need to show your full range but is totally about the acting of the song. Can be more recitative based or more modern musical theatre in style depending on the show. Songs such as Different from Honk, Stars and the Moon etc.

Pop Song:

This is fairly self-explanatory. It needs to show range and colour of voice. Ideally more ‘belt’ in style. And perhaps showing off a diversity in vocal control runs and riffs etc. A lot of people often ask ‘what about the acting?’ There are plenty of Pop songs that go on an emotional journey as well as a vocal one. It’s finding a balance between self-indulgent ‘rocking out’ and your ability to connect to the lyrics. Keep your eyes open!

Up-tempo Old School American MT song. (Characterful)

Often called a ‘character song’. This song would ideally be suited to a ‘Guys and Dolls’ ‘Producers’ ‘Mack and Mabel’ type show. Needs to show plenty of character and fun plus ideally showing off range as well.


I have all of these songs in my file. I can also do all of them in English of American accent which means I don’t need as many songs. This has served me well as I never want to take a new song to an audition. If you make your Legitimate song a Rogers and Hammerstein or Sondheim you then cover another base.

I Hope it’s helpful.