1. Be prepared. Know the agency inside out and back to front. Know what they do and who they have on their books.
  2. Have a plan for 6 months to a year. Know where you want to be in that time (in an ideal, realistic world).
  3. Dress smartly. Be very presentable.
  4. You shouldn’t have to pay anything to be with an agent. Also, some agents may ask you to get new headshots. They can recommend some photographers but you shouldn’t feel pressured to choose one of theirs.
  5. Don’t sign anything! Take any contract away with you for consideration and for a second opinion.
  6. Find out if they have contacts with the Casting Directors you want to be seen by.
  7. Be relaxed, they’ve asked to see you. So they saw something they liked but the interview is really important. Do they want to work with you? Do they like you….do you like them? You are interviewing each other.
  8. Find out how many artists they represent and what types of artists. There is no point signing with an agent who represents mostly TV actors if you want to do stage for example. Also, you may want to weigh up smaller more elite agencies against bigger ones where you may get lost.
  9. Get an agent whose office is in the city you want to work. They will have the appropriate contacts and connections for people in that city.
  10. Don’t go in with a list of demands of ‘I won’t do this’, ‘I won’t do that’, ‘I only want to play these types of roles’ etc. (unless you’re Judy Dench).

By Kenneth Avery-Clark, Principal & Mark Goldthorp, Vice Principal of AMTA