The Holiday season is nearly here and so is the last minute gift hunt. If you are having problems finding gift ideas for actors, than look no further. Here is a list of 10 stocking stuffers recommended by acting teachers, casting directors, personal trainers and others that will let you know what actors really need.


1) A gift that will come in handy to all actors and the ones that are still learning the craft is a good book to help them with their career. Many actors are now using social media to leverage their job opportunities. Now that we are engulfed by social media, it really comes in handy to know how to present and to entrench yourself as a “brand” and an industry professional. Why not get them a book to teach them some social media tips? A unique spin on any present for an actor.

2) What definitely will be helpful for any actor is a subscription to an online streaming service like Netflix or Amazon. It is the golden age of television, and if you are serious in keeping up with the business and entertainment industry then you have to keep up! This will give them access to thousands of films and TV shows, anytime they desire. Plus subscriptions can be bought in gift cards or certificates, if you want something to put in their stocking. It’s perfect for musical theatre actors.

3) A necessity for any actor is an HD camera. Starting from rehearsals to self-taped auditions, an HD camera is a must have for all committed actors. They can even use it to get a good idea of how they come across on film. You will be surprised how much you can learn as an actor by watching yourself back.

4) A good camera only goes so far without a tripod. Filming demo tapes for jobs does not go a long way if it was made with a shaky hand or with the camera stacked on a piled up book or two.

5) In the case that a camera and tripod is not an option, than a good beginner lighting kit would do the trick. Most of the self-taped videos will impose an even more professional first impression if the lighting is set up well. Bad lighting can cast unflattering shadows and minimize expression that you want to come across on show reels.

6) Why not get them a gift voucher towards a professional photo shoot to kick-start their portfolio and get high quality head shots (from someone experienced in actors’ headshots).

7) Perhaps an opportunity to sharpen up their skills would be a great gift. A couple of private couching classes could be a great gift. Even the best actors are willing to have classes as it helps them stay up to date and in the game. It also could open  up new possibilities and give them some challenges along the way.

8) In the case that your friends have just started to dip their feet in the acting industry, then a demo reel would be just the right thing to further support their carrier. A professional demo reel will help out in securing a good agent. Furthermore, it helps to stand out from the crowd when submitting for work. They only need a couple of good, short scenes on video.

9) A cultured trip to a museum or place of history could also be a great idea. Actors love to embody a multitude of experiences, backgrounds, and emotions, and there’s nothing like a great museum to get the creative juices flowing.

10) It’s a fact: Actors love food. Why not get them a snazzy lunch box to take with them on set or to the theatre dressing room.

So, if you have a musical theatre actor in your life – these 10 gifts could be very welcome this Christmas.