The American Musical Theatre Academy (AMTA) was co-founded by Kenneth Avery-Clark and Christie Miller in 2010. AMTA was established to bridge the gap between the creative ideals of the West End (London) and Broadway (New York).


AMTA has schools in London, New York, Rome and Belfast. We offer world class training taught by West End and Broadway professionals, and our courses are specially designed for those who wish to pursue a career in the world of musical theatre. Students will learn everything they need to know about how the musical theatre industry works today. We want our students to know that their passion counts, we push them to their maximum potential in a safe and positive environment where their talent can grow to excellence. Our goal is to create a “no pain no gain” learning environment, which celebrates its strengths and addresses its weaknesses.

During the training year, our students go to London or New York, where they are immersed in the two capitals of musical theatre. They will get to experience the two different cultures and learn the industry differences between the two cities. Creative teams vary in their approach and expectations, and at AMTA we want our graduates to be able to deliver their very best no matter who they audition in front of!

When our students graduate they never truly leave us, they become part of our family and when they succeed, we succeed.

We provide our students with a practical training experience so they are ready to hit the professional ground as soon as they graduate:

  • Small class sizes which means you will always be a name, not a number
  • Private voice lesson are provided weekly for steady improvement (included in fee)
  • We are a family, not a factory (AMTA looks for individuals rather than types)
  • ONLY current industry professionals will train you so you remain connected
  • Travel to London or New York mid-year to train in the West End and Broadway and receive the best training
  • Audition for panel of agents and industry professionals
  • 100% guaranteed representation after you train, helping you get the audition
  • Triple-threat training preparing you for optimal success



At AMTA, we want to provide full-time acting, dance and singing courses to those we believe have the potential and dedication to enter the profession of musical theatre at the end of our course. Our goal is to nurture the growth of our students and to develop their talents in a positive and constructive environment. We encourage students to think with their own heads to develop the discipline necessary to succeed in this very competitive sector. AMTA promotes diversity, integration and equality and various training solutions are available for all those who qualify for our courses.Broadway (New York).


To provide the best musical theatre training available anywhere in the world!

We want you to be part of something bigger. Our training methods work and so do our graduates.