amta-18-of-71WE ARE the INDUSTRY

Industry professionals teaching you daily!

  • Small class sizes which means you will be a name, not a number
  • Private voice lesson are provided weekly for steady improvement (included in fee)
  • We are a family, not a factory (AMTA looks for individuals rather than types)
  • ONLY current industry professionals will train you so you remain connected
  • Travel to New York mid-year to train on Broadway to receive the best training
  • Audition for panel of AGENTS instead of traditional showcases
  • 100% guaranteed representation after you train, so you can get those auditions
  • Triple-threat training preparing you for optimal success


Kenneth Avery-Clark, co-founded of AMTA wants to provide students with ‘the best’ from Broadway and the West End. Creative teams vary in their approach and expectations. At AMTA we want our graduates to be able to deliver no matter who they audition in front of!

Our Mission
To provide the best musical theatre training available anywhere in the world!


We want you to be part of something bigger. Our training methods work and so do our graduates.  

Don’t just dream it – do it!