amta-18-of-71At AMTA we want the students to know that their passion matters. We push them to their full potential in a safe and positive environment where their unique talents will be nurtured, developed, and excelled. We make sure our classes are small enough so that we can give the students the attention they deserve, because we care about their experience as an individual. With AMTA, our people are names, not numbers. They become part of our family, and when they succeed, we succeed.

We use current West End and Broadway professionals to teach our courses which are specifically designed for students who want a performance-based career and the skills to segue from a professional training environment straight into the industry.

We provide the students with a hands-on training experience so that they are ready to hit the ground running as soon as they graduate.

Our Background
Co-founded by Kenneth Avery-Clark and Christie Miller in 2010, the academy was set up to bridge the gap between London’s West End and New York’s Broadway creative ideals. As part of the training our students travel to New York, where they are immersed in the American musical theatre culture.
Furthermore, it is our aim to provide a positive ‘no pain no gain’ learning environment, which celebrates their strengths and addresses their weaknesses.

Our Mission Statement
Our number one priority is to consistently strive to be the best provider of musical theatre training in the world.

Our Ethos
To provide full-time acting, singing and dancing training to those we believe have the potential to enter the musical theatre profession upon completion of our course. Our goal is to nurture our students’ growth and develop their talents in a positive and constructive environment. We encourage students to think for themselves so that they can develop the discipline necessary to succeed in this very competitive industry.

At AMTA we promote diversity, inclusion, and equality. Pastoral care and training solutions are available for all those who qualify for our courses.


“The training at AMTA is awesome! Working with people currently in the industry and auditioning for West End shows, I feel privileged. AMTA has a real family atmosphere, I have made some friends for life.”

Jack Malin, AMTA Graduate | 2015

“Training at AMTA was the most incredible two years of my life. The tutors care about helping each individual and the insight you get into the industry is astounding. As long as you are dedicated and committed, the opportunities you get at AMTA are second to none.”

Jake Waby, AMTA Graduate | 2014

“Completing my training on the 1 Year Course at AMTA shaped me into both the performer and person I am today. We were very lucky to be taught by many fantastic teachers in a positive and productive environment where we could grow and improve in all areas of performance. The course gave me the skills and confidence to go out into the industry feeling prepared and ready to go- thanks!”

Joanna Gregory, AMTA Graduate | 2013

“After auditioning at AMTA, I knew there was no other drama school in the world I wanted to go to. The opportunities are incredible and the teachers are so supportive and talented. If you work hard, it will really pay off.”

Andrea Martin, AMTA Graduate | 2013

“The skills that you receive from AMTA are golden. You strengthen in performance but also learn how to survive as an artist. Studying at AMTA was the best decision I ever made to secure my career in theatre.”

Betty Charlton, AMTA Graduate | 2012

“At AMTA I was surrounded by people who inspired me and helped me improve. Every day is a new challenge, every day is a new goal. Best year of my life!”

Ero Kleitou, AMTA Graduate | 2013

“Having classes taught by such knowledgeable, talented and experienced industry professionals was a great source of inspiration and it automatically made me work that extra bit harder. New York was a once in a lifetime experience, as was the professional panel, where I gained an agent!”

Karis Jack, AMTA Graduate | 2013

“At AMTA I learned so much about myself and where my strengths lie. Training here gave me the confidence to believe in myself, to believe that I can achieve anything…and I’ve already booked jobs!”

Rebecca Sibthorpe, AMTA Graduate | 2014